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'Rule One: Do not act incautiously when confronting a little old, bald, wrinkly, smiling man,' - Terry Pratchett


Upcoming Events and Courses in the area.


28-Nov-2015 to 29-Nov-2015

I.B.C Winter Aikido Seminar

Vince Lawrence​ sensei, 5th Dan of 'Makota Aikido'.

Toshiaki Kawachi​ sensei, 5th Dan of 'Owari Aikikai'.

Bob Sherrington sensei, 5th Dan of 'Kettering Aikikai'.

Richard Blackwell sensei, 5th Dan of 'White Horse Budo'.

+++ U R G E N T +++ U P D A T E ++++

Due to the security situation in Brussels, Senseis Citti & Hazaur are sadly unable to attend as advertised.

Instead the course has been rebranded as the 4/5ths Friendship course,
It will still be a fantastic weekends training, all are most welcome.

Saturday (11:00 - 16:30) Sunday (11:00 - 16:30)
@Heathfield School,
School Road,
Somerset. TA2 8PD

Fee - Weekend £30, Single day £20.
Please bring Weapons, Insurance and Zori.

Due to the number of different clubs attending it is respectfully
requested that only yudansha wear Hakama.

For latest information and booking please contact
John Creed : john@somerset-aikido.org


- - - 2016 - - -

OCT 8th, 9th 2016.

Open Seminar with Toby Threadgill Kaicho & Robert Mustard Shihan.

Link to Course Site

Shobukai Aikido UK is proud to announce or the 5th year running an open seminar with Tobin E Threadgill Sensei and Robert Mustard Sensei.

Threadgill Sensei is Menkyo Kaiden, Kaicho of Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin-ryu Jujutsu

Mustard Sensei is 7th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido Shihan

Last year was a truly extraordinary weekend. An absolute must.


Location : Aikido West Bridgford, The Eagle Dojo in Nottingham

Cost £100 or £50 a day


Early OCT 2016. TBC.

Sensei Pierre Citti 7th Dan Aikido, Director of Aikido, I.B.C.
Assisted by Sensei Hauzer 5th Dan Aikido 6th Dan Judo
Budo College Belgium

Halloween Course
Dojo du Brochet
(Full Details from John If interested, a very good weekend)